Due to supply issues for new cars across the marketplace demand is high for well looked after, fully serviced Pre-Owned Cars.

Right now we will pay fantastic money for your car because of this demand. We will transfer funds directly into the account of your choice or we can settle off outstanding finance if applicable.

This is a genuine offer to cash buy your car, however if you want to buy a New Car we will offer you the best part exchange and the best deal that is currently available.

We also recognise that the last couple of years have seen a number of our customers experience a change in circumstances. Many are working from home and travelling less, meaning the car you bought may no longer be the car you need. This could therefore be the perfect time to sell your vehicle or indeed trade it for a more suitable model.

Give us a call on WEST END SUZUKI - 01382 477252 to arrange an appointment in a safe environment, we would love to see you.


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