Motability is a worry-free service that helps disabled people and their families in the UK to become more mobile. Over 500,000 people currently have a car with Motability!


Why choose West End Group Motability?

When you are dependent on your car, you need it to be reliable, safe and long-lasting.

That’s us through and through.

The Motability package from West End Group also takes away so much of the hassle of owning a car; with maintenance, servicing, insurance and full RAC breakdown cover for your vehicle, all taken care of.

Motability Contract Hire

The Honda Motability Scheme is available over a three-year period. It’s an easy and comprehensive plan that really does put you in the driver’s seat. You don’t even have to drive to get a Motability car as you can nominate up to two drivers to drive for you.

How do I join?

Simple. Just exchange either your Higher Rate Mobility Allowance or War Pensioners Mobility Supplement for a brand new car every three years. Some cars will require an Advance Payment, which is payable to your dealer when you collect your car.

Please note that you need to be receiving your allowance for the full length of the agreement. However, if you have at least 12 months award remaining, you’re free to join.

For further information about the Motability scheme, including the current price list, please visit the Motability website, or call our Motability Specialists on :

WEST END GARAGE: 01382 477256
PERTH HONDA: 01738 440066
WEST END SUZUKI: 01382 477252
PERTH MG: 01738 440066