Servicing Schedules Digital Records

All new MG vehicles need to be serviced at regular intervals. Each service should occur every 15,000 miles (or 10,000 miles for 16MY MG3 with Stop/Start) or every year - whichever comes first.

Perth MG is authorised to carry out service and maintenance work in conjunction with the terms of your vehicle's warranty. Perth MG will also register your car on the Digital Service Record platform, meaning that should you need to, you will be able to access the service history of your vehicle through a national database of MG dealers.

We also offer a Service Plan for all MG models, so that you can easily spread the cost of servicing your car over simple monthly payments.

We guarantee:

Trained MG Technicians

Our technicians have undertaken extensive training in our academy. They will service your vehicle to the highest standards in full compliance with the terms of your vehicle’s warranty.

Genuine MG Parts

MG Dealers should only ever fit Genuine MG parts, which have been designed and tested to our exacting standards.

Courtesy Cars

We will be happy to arrange a courtesy car to ensure your experience is as convenient as possible. (These may have to be pre-booked and may be charged additionally)

A Digital Record Of Your Service

Perth MG will register your cars' service onto the MG national online database. That way we can see that your car is serviced correctly at the appropriate times and allows us to remind you when your next service is due.

An Extension To Your Roadside Assistance

When your cars' service is entered onto the MG Digital Service Record system, it enables MG to top up your existing MG Assistance with exactly the same great peace of mind cover you enjoyed from Day 1, for another 12 months**. And all the whilst you keep returning to us, MG will keep topping up your MG Assistance!*


*Perth MG will need to enrol the completed service on the Digital Service Record system which will require your authorisation and agreement to the Terms & Conditions. Morris the Bear will be dispatched within 28 days of service record creation. 12 months MG Assistance is supplied by The AA and available for any MG model (excluding MG TF) first registered in the UK on or after 01.04.2011.

** This excludes Motability owned vehicles which have existing roadside assistance cover supplied by The RAC for the duration of the lease agreement, Details of which can be found in your agreement or by contacting Motability.