Here at West End Honda, we’ve always prided ourselves on keeping our customers as well informed as possible.

With that in mind we felt it was a good time to inform you regarding availability of new car stock.

As you might be aware from stories in the news, a worldwide shortage of microchips has hampered the production of new cars across the industry. Every car manufacturer has been affected and as part of the Honda network we are no different. Put simply, this means that if you are looking to change your car soon, you would be wise to start the ball rolling now. Lead times for orders are slightly longer than they have been historically, so our message to you would be to act now to beat the queue.

The good news is that due to the lack of new cars currently, used car valuations are stronger than they have ever been, and there are still great offers available across the Honda range. This means that your current car is currently worth far more than would be normal for its age and because of this, the cost to move into a new model may be lower than you think - even if you do have to wait a little longer to take delivery of your new car.

We would love to see you and help you secure your order sooner rather than later. Contact us by phone, email or the contact form below.

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